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Happy New Year from Bug

This year we are grateful for all of you: our clients and vendors and friends. Bug had a very busy end to 2015. A band of roving editors and assistants, Bug was everywhere in the past six weeks. Andre could be found editing in Beverly Hills, Ojai, New York, Venice, Boston and at home in Westchester. Adam was in Australia and then back editing in Boston and New York. We couldn't have managed without Clay whipping in on his skateboard, setting up Avids anywhere & everywhere and then overnight tearing down and shipping the whole system to the next destination. He's our hero roadie. Between those three ninjas, Bug got something like 34 spots from shoot to ship in the last two months of 2015 all while enjoying lots of yummy dinners, dips in the hot tub and celebratory cocktails with clients. 

We're very excited to share our hard work with you as it begins to air in January. It's pretty great stuff. We're so lucky to have clients who think of Bug when interesting creative is being produced. Here's to a happy, healthy 2016 and many more projects with each of you! 

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